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A little bit of BOWIE ,a little bit of QUEEN and a little bit of AC/DC. We all know Mom is the coolest and a fucking rockstar! But does she know that!? A little reminder now and then couldn't hurt. She’s the person that does the work of 3 and who knows where all your stuff is. She will do anything for her family because her love is unconditional even when she is mad at you. As I said, she’s the fucking BEST and deserves your full respect. We all would be a mess without her. So please, if you read this, stop what you are doing and go tell your mom that you love and appreciate her, text her or call her and tell her. NOW.This embroidered beauty is  comfy, has a vintage feel to it and in Dark Grey Heather color. Lovingly stitched with lots of mischief, coffee and croissants to brighten up your day and others around you. Design available on Sweater, T-shirt and in PLUS SIZES