Move over! Make way! Coming through! Get ready! Ooooooh, shit! Here we come! The holy queens of embroidery! Hahaha! You know, we just fucking LOOOOOOVE creating embroidered tops with really really mean and rude sayings with a ton of swearwords and then add a whole bunch of cutesy lil’ animals to it, like white rabbits and bluebirds and fat hamsters, with some fresh flowery vintage elements and bows and shit....and Omigosh so kitsch and SO cute now!

Basically we want you to look all lovely, sweet and innocent at first glance, but when someone gets close enough and reads "the hidden messages" they soon realize, that you're anything but sweet and innocent....hihi

Our mission is to bring back that MUCH needed self irony that we feel like has gone missing in this world these days and we just want everyone to loosen the fuck up a bit and not take themselves too seriously all the time. Just have a good laugh! Please. These cheeky tops should brighten up your day and others around you so you’re welcome. They're definitely something your Mother wouldn't wear (or would she?) and your Daddy probably shouldn't see.....but whatever. You do you, right? RIGHT?